Men’s Hair Loss At Young Age: How To Stop It?


About 80% of men suffer from hair loss. And the first signs of alopecia (baldness) can appear at the age of 25. Why are men getting bald and how to solve the problem? We will tell in this article!

First of all, you should know that hair loss is a completely natural phenomenon. Both men and women constantly lose their hair. But how to find out whether hair loss is the norm or is already a deviation?

If you lose about 50-150 hairs a day, then you should not worry. How do you know it’s a high time to visit a trichologist? We offer this option: do not wash your head for three days, and then lightly pull the hair on the temples and on the crown. If more than 5 hairs fall out, you’d better see a doctor.

Low Testosterone in Men – Causes and Consequences

Low level of testosterone in men of elderly and middle age is not uncommon, and often the cause is age-related changes. Approximately in 35 – 40 years, production of testosterone begins to decrease by 1 – 2% per year and by the age of 50 there is an androgen deficiency. If androgen deficiency is observed at an earlier age, then the cause of drop in testosterone is not in age-related changes.

Most Common Causes of Testosterone Reduction

Age. After a certain age period (40 years) decrease in testosterone production occurs. Decrease in testosterone is caused by age-related changes and is an irreversible process. Due to strong androgen deficiency, hormonal therapy is necessary.

Food. Inappropriate diet, lacking necessary vitamins and minerals for men, may be the main cause of low testosterone levels. It is important to provide body with building material for formation of testosterone molecule. The diet should include products that increase testosterone and exclude products that lower testosterone.

Factors that Reduce Testosterone Level

General Level

Implies causes of testosterone level reduction in all men:

  • psychological factors: this includes stress, financial and family problems;
  • food: use of foods that lower testosterone;
  • drinks: alcohol, carbonated water (with or without dyes);
  • bacteria, viruses, infections;
  • medicines: all antiulcer drugs reduce testosterone, as well as drugs that reduce potency;
  • heredity;
  • injuries of testicles and reproductive organs;
  • minimal physical activity, sedentary lifestyle;
  • harmful habits: excess weight, smoking, alcohol;
  • bioenergetic natural factors (wearing mobile phone in pockets, working with laptop on laps, etc.);
  • age: after 40 years testosterone level in men is 70% of the original;
  • ecology.causes of low testoterone