Canadian Health&Care Mall in Explanation of Hemorrhoid and Erectile Function

Such unpleasant disease can appear as a result of the wrong way of living. Sedentary and inactive work or, on the contrary, excessive physical activities, raising of weights affects. Mechanical injuries of a rectum can provoke an illness. Non-compliance with a diet, abuse of too spicy food, and also frequent locks aggravate a situation.

Physicians declare lack of direct hemorrhoids influence on erectile function. These results from the fact that the disease of rectum doesn’t concern the sexual sphere. But it is impossible to disprove indirect influence of a disease on the sexual sphere.

Prostatitis and hemorrhoids after all how hemorrhoids influence erectile function and how it is manifested? The first symptoms of disease can disturb the man not significantly. People often don’t attach its significance as it is possible to speak about absence of obvious discomfort. Therefore there are no violations of erectile function, sexual functions aren’t broken. Further development of an illness leads to formation of knots and pain in crotch.
Sexual intercourse demands from the man of tension of crotch and groin muscles, the previous ejaculation strengthens tension. Existence of disease leads to strengthening of pain as a result of active actions that is negatively reflected in erectile function.

sexual contact

Pain and the bleeding amplifying during sex from back pass lead to psychological frustration and depressive mood. Sexual intercourse doesn’t bring due satisfaction, as a result the man doesn’t want to have sex. Indirect influence of hemorrhoids on a potentiality at men consists in it. Overcome this disorder together with online pharmacy – Canadian HealthCare Mall.

Preventative Activity

To avoid problems with erectile function and other problems of the sexual sphere caused by hemorrhoids it is necessary to ask for the qualified medical care immediately.

As preventive measures, doctors advise to adhere to healthy nutrition. The preference should be given in food to a cauliflower, rice, potatoes, honey, fish and meat. At the same time to use in the minimum quantity mustard, hot pepper, bean, black bread and unripe fruits.

It is necessary to avoid formation of locks, to move more in the presence of sedentary work, to avoid excessive physical activities. And in the presence even insignificant symptoms it is impossible to postpone visits of the doctor to avoid more serious problems further. Hemorrhoids is possible to be cured with medications of Canadian HealthCare Mall. Command our service and we will be glad to relieve you from this disorder and improve your erectile function.

How to Choose Original Viagra Tablets Only

Customers can purchase a Viagra kit from anywhere online. However, few tend to realize this but the truth is that, the internet is full of illegitimate websites. Most of them look reliable but the thing is that customers are being sold counterfeit ED drugs. According to reports, out of the total 10,275 websites available online, only 275 of them have been examined for selling of legitimate drugs.

Beware! Counterfeit ED Drugs Could Be Dangerous to Your Health

Here are some of the reasons why purchasing counterfeit tablets could cause you more harm than benefit:

  • Presence of too much active ingredients (or less) that can be harmful to your health
  • Presence of binding agents (like drywell) that are difficult to breakdown inside your system
  • Presence of toxic substances like floor wax, boric acid, brick dust, road paint, etc
  • Presence of ingredients that can be dangerous when they come in contact with other medications that you might be consuming
  • A different medication that can leave behind potential side-effects

That is why it is important that you purchase ED treatment products from reputed sites only. They are licensed and more reliable when it comes to purchasing original quality ED drugs.

Apart from these, you would like to take into account these following steps when you purchase a Canadian Health Care Mall Sildenafil kit online. This goes for all websites. You might not want to take a chance. Read on –


Look for the Contact Details

  • Every website makes their contact details available online. Even the pharmacy site will have this. Look for the contact details like the pharmacy address and the phone number.
  • You will be able to check out whether the details are valid or not.
  • Cross-checking of contact details will ensure that a particular website is not selling any unregulated medication overseas.

Trace for Claims like ‘Generic’

  • That’s like your catch-phrase. You will know that the blue tablet kit that is being sold in this website is not original. If you are unaware, then here is something that you would need to know – the term ‘Generic’ has never got approved by the FDA.
  • Unfortunately, a lot of websites are using the term to lure customers and many of whom are catching the bait. But now that you know, let’s make sure that you do not fall for the trap.

Learn the Right Dosage Levels

Viagra is available in only three types of dosage levels. These are:

  • 25 mg
  • 50 mg
  • 100 mg

Another thing that you would need to note down is that, Sildenafil comes in tablet form. It is the only FDA approved form of intake. So if you come across any other form, don’t purchase it for there is no other form that has got FDA approved. Some of these counterfeit forms can be – fast dissolving, soft tab, extra-strength, etc.

Viagra Dosage

Purchase only from VIPPS Approved Sites

The term stands for Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites. Websites that have got VIPPS approved are considered as reliable sites.

Online purchase of Canadian Health Care Mall medicines makes ED treatment faster and convenient. However, take care not to fall into the wrong hands when you buy ED drugs online.

Viagra Safe for Erectile Dysfunction

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction refers to a condition in men where they have a problem in getting an erection. In simpler words, men with erectile dysfunction have it difficult to keep it long enough for sex.  It is also commonly known as impotence. While in some cases, the symptoms of erectile dysfunction can be often, for other it can be once in a while.

What causes Erectile Dysfunction?

While technical reason for erectile dysfunction is insufficient flow of blood in the penis, due to which erection is not achieved, other reasons behind it can includes lifestyle issues. It could also be caused due to an injury or disease or even as a side effect of some other drug. Medications for diseases such a high blood pressure, heart problems and depression can have side effects which may consequently lead to erectile dysfunction. But no worry now Canadian Health&Care mall is here with you

Medication for Erectile Dysfunction

When talking about erectile dysfunction, one of the first options that are tried is the oral medication. Sildenafil (commonly known as Viagra), Vardenafil (commonly called Levitra) are some of the medicines that help treat erectile dysfunction by enhancing the effects of nitric oxide, which is a compound found in our body. This is a natural chemical produced by our body which helps penis muscles to relax. This in turn, helps you to relax muscles and thereby helping in getting an erection.



Originally, Viagra was a drug which was created for relaxation of cardiac muscles. It was supposedly launched for heart patients. However, people who used this drug started reporting back with healthier erections. This effect of the drug made scientists shift their focus and it quickly changed from a heart drug to a bedroom drug. Viagra which was introduced in 1992 has, since then gained popularity worldwide and still has people increasing, coming to depend more and more on the blue pill. The gaining popularity of this drug can be easily attributed to the fact that it helps fight impotency and has had satisfying results over generations of time. At Canadian Health and Care Mall, we provide with different dosages of Viagra for different people and needs respectively. Furthermore, the dosage of Viagra should be correct lest it may lead to further side effect. For that, you can contact your doctor and take the medicine as per prescription.

Viagra as drug has many varieties such as Viagra professional, Super Force, Viagra soft tabs and many more. So, get it right beforehand as to what type of Viagra will work best for you. Viagra may have side effects and that is true but it is only if the medication is not taken as per prescription. If that is done well, then you can be rest assured that there will be no side effects.

So, Viagra is an effective oral medication when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction but it needs to be administered carefully. At the Canadian Health&Care mall, we have more information for you.