How to Choose Original Viagra Tablets Only

Customers can purchase a Viagra kit from anywhere online. However, few tend to realize this but the truth is that, the internet is full of illegitimate websites. Most of them look reliable but the thing is that customers are being sold counterfeit ED drugs. According to reports, out of the total 10,275 websites available online, only 275 of them have been examined for selling of legitimate drugs.

Beware! Counterfeit ED Drugs Could Be Dangerous to Your Health

Here are some of the reasons why purchasing counterfeit tablets could cause you more harm than benefit:

  • Presence of too much active ingredients (or less) that can be harmful to your health
  • Presence of binding agents (like drywell) that are difficult to breakdown inside your system
  • Presence of toxic substances like floor wax, boric acid, brick dust, road paint, etc
  • Presence of ingredients that can be dangerous when they come in contact with other medications that you might be consuming
  • A different medication that can leave behind potential side-effects

That is why it is important that you purchase ED treatment products from reputed sites only. They are licensed and more reliable when it comes to purchasing original quality ED drugs.

Apart from these, you would like to take into account these following steps when you purchase a Canadian Health Care Mall Sildenafil kit online. This goes for all websites. You might not want to take a chance. Read on –


Look for the Contact Details

  • Every website makes their contact details available online. Even the pharmacy site will have this. Look for the contact details like the pharmacy address and the phone number.
  • You will be able to check out whether the details are valid or not.
  • Cross-checking of contact details will ensure that a particular website is not selling any unregulated medication overseas.

Trace for Claims like ‘Generic’

  • That’s like your catch-phrase. You will know that the blue tablet kit that is being sold in this website is not original. If you are unaware, then here is something that you would need to know – the term ‘Generic’ has never got approved by the FDA.
  • Unfortunately, a lot of websites are using the term to lure customers and many of whom are catching the bait. But now that you know, let’s make sure that you do not fall for the trap.

Learn the Right Dosage Levels

Viagra is available in only three types of dosage levels. These are:

  • 25 mg
  • 50 mg
  • 100 mg

Another thing that you would need to note down is that, Sildenafil comes in tablet form. It is the only FDA approved form of intake. So if you come across any other form, don’t purchase it for there is no other form that has got FDA approved. Some of these counterfeit forms can be – fast dissolving, soft tab, extra-strength, etc.

Viagra Dosage

Purchase only from VIPPS Approved Sites

The term stands for Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites. Websites that have got VIPPS approved are considered as reliable sites.

Online purchase of Canadian Health Care Mall medicines makes ED treatment faster and convenient. However, take care not to fall into the wrong hands when you buy ED drugs online.