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Men’s Hair Loss At Young Age: How To Stop It?


About 80% of men suffer from hair loss. And the first signs of alopecia (baldness) can appear at the age of 25. Why are men getting bald and how to solve the problem? We will tell in this article!

First of all, you should know that hair loss is a completely natural phenomenon. Both men and women constantly lose their hair. But how to find out whether hair loss is the norm or is already a deviation?

If you lose about 50-150 hairs a day, then you should not worry. How do you know it’s a high time to visit a trichologist? We offer this option: do not wash your head for three days, and then lightly pull the hair on the temples and on the crown. If more than 5 hairs fall out, you’d better see a doctor.

Low Testosterone in Men – Causes and Consequences

Low level of testosterone in men of elderly and middle age is not uncommon, and often the cause is age-related changes. Approximately in 35 – 40 years, production of testosterone begins to decrease by 1 – 2% per year and by the age of 50 there is an androgen deficiency. If androgen deficiency is observed at an earlier age, then the cause of drop in testosterone is not in age-related changes.

Most Common Causes of Testosterone Reduction

Age. After a certain age period (40 years) decrease in testosterone production occurs. Decrease in testosterone is caused by age-related changes and is an irreversible process. Due to strong androgen deficiency, hormonal therapy is necessary.

Food. Inappropriate diet, lacking necessary vitamins and minerals for men, may be the main cause of low testosterone levels. It is important to provide body with building material for formation of testosterone molecule. The diet should include products that increase testosterone and exclude products that lower testosterone.

Factors that Reduce Testosterone Level

General Level

Implies causes of testosterone level reduction in all men:

  • psychological factors: this includes stress, financial and family problems;
  • food: use of foods that lower testosterone;
  • drinks: alcohol, carbonated water (with or without dyes);
  • bacteria, viruses, infections;
  • medicines: all antiulcer drugs reduce testosterone, as well as drugs that reduce potency;
  • heredity;
  • injuries of testicles and reproductive organs;
  • minimal physical activity, sedentary lifestyle;
  • harmful habits: excess weight, smoking, alcohol;
  • bioenergetic natural factors (wearing mobile phone in pockets, working with laptop on laps, etc.);
  • age: after 40 years testosterone level in men is 70% of the original;
  • ecology.causes of low testoterone

Canadian Health&Care Mall about Antibiotics

Today there are so many rumors about treatment by means of antibiotics. Someone fears like the plague believing that use of antibiotics can easily destroy entire body, someone on the contrary, with every sneeze takes antibiotics for security. Of course, every medal has its reverse and it doesn’t lead you to something positive. But how is it right and appropriate to use antibiotics not to hurt yourself?

It should be understood that antibiotic is potent drug, despite the fact that it is sold in any drugstore without recipes and any questions. To be treated with antibiotics strict indications should be given and treatment should be preferably under doctor’s supervision, then treatment will be really effective and safe. In other cases, it is fraught with troubles.

What is Antibiotic?

Antibiotic – a substance that can block development or cause death of certain microorganisms. From this definition we are tempting to conclude that antibiotic is poison aimed at destroying bacteria. And we cannot argue about it, because we really “poison” bacteria inside your body, as for example, cockroaches or mice do that infest the house.antibiotics

Are antibiotics harmful to people? After all, what kills one body, may well harm both at one and the same time. In fact, we are very different from bacteria, so substances fatal to them, are absolutely harmless or their toxicity is very, very low to us. This property is called the principle of antibiotics selectivity.

Most modern antibiotics affect only certain microbes’ structures that have no counterparts in human body. But even with such a selectivity, a certain danger to humans is still present, but it is generally not comparable with danger posed by disease. Although situation where antibiotics’ use is contraindicated for example, pregnancy.

When Is It Necessary to Use Antibiotics?

Canadian Health and Care Mall points out that antibiotic – a means of combating bacteria. Therefore, indication for their use is presence of pathological process in organism caused by bacteria. In extremely rare cases, and on doctor’s advice antibiotics can be used prophylactically.

Before to prescribe antibiotics, you must make sure that disease is caused by bacteria, and not by other microorganisms. Most often, it helps define it by means of normal clinical blood analysis, if bacteria presence number of white blood cells increases. But sometimes it is not necessary to determine only presence of bacteria, but specific form for more precise selection of antibiotic and more effective treatment. Then usually culture is held that allow bacteria to grow on digest medium, and to determine their strain.

Usually antibiotics are taken for bacterial pneumonia treatment, infections of genitourinary system, skin purulent inflammation and sexually transmitted infections. But many people practice antibiotics for any cold, what is fundamentally wrong. Most cold implies ARVI, and they caused by viruses, which antibiotics do not perform in any way.

In this case normal microflora of body may be affected, which will significantly reduce its defenses. Another issue is that viral infection is often joined by bacterial, but it is manifested only after 3 days if there is no improvement or deterioration. Then it is desirable to undergo CBC, and it will help make decision whether taking antibiotics or not.

Many doctors recommend antibiotics use, without relying on analyzes, and from my own experience. Of course, to deny the fact that over time doctor can learn to identify presence of “rule of thumb” bacterial infection is difficult, but it is better to insist on analysis.

When Antibiotics are not Necessary

Most of our compatriots are ardent fans of self-treatment. At the same time, they just can not explain what an antibiotic is, and believe that it is just strong medicine for all occasions. That is why they often prescribe antibiotics by themselves when here is absolutely no necessity to do not. The most common situations are:

  • treatment of high temperature;
  • ARVI;
  • prophylactic administration.

Increased body temperature is versatile defensive reaction, it can be caused by viral or bacterial infection, autoimmune process, swelling and even simple exhaustion. Therefore, antibiotic should not be currently prescribed in case of temperature rises, likelihood is that this bacterial infection, is sensitive to the drug, but the list of side effects of most drugs is rather enormous. At higher temperatures it is possible to decrease by means of antipyretic drugs, but not by antibiotics.

As we have said already, it is pointless and dangerous to use antibiotics for acute respiratory viral infections treatment. Take them for prevention is impractical in most cases. Nobody sprays poison around the house against cockroaches, if they are not present at home. Of course, it is pointless and dangerous to inhabitants. Why, then, prophylactic antibiotic is less dangerous? Prophylactic antibiotic administration may be accepted if there is real possibility of contracting serious disease, such as cholera or malignant anthrax, which are sometimes recommended before surgery and after it. But only if it is indicated and carried out under medical supervision, and self-administration of an antibiotic “just in case” is excluded.

How to Choose Right Medication and Dosage

Selection of optimal variant of antibiotic – task of physician. Ideally, of course, hold special microbiological analysis that will identify causative agent of disease and to choose antibiotic that exactly will work, but they do such analysis for a long time, about 7-10 days. It is groundless to wait for so long, and do nothing to treat patient, therefore, antibiotic is assigned based on clinical picture.

Modern medicine has recommendation in case of all diseases’ treatment. There are the first line drugs, which are assigned first, for bacterial sinusitis treatment. There are also alternative drugs that are used, if there is no ineffectiveness or tolerance to first-line drugs. There is also reserve of antibiotics, which are used in complex situations, when other drugs do not help.

Dosage is also determined by your doctor. If you feel improvement after day or two days of treatment, in any case you can not reduce drug’s dosage, as in a lower dose, it will not destroy bacteria, but allow them to develop resistance. What does not kill bacteria, making them stronger and next time in treatment with antibiotics, it will not show proper efficiency. And drug dosage can not be increased because of possible toxic effects produced on liver.

It is also determined by physician treatment duration and it is impossible to break it. Early completion as early dose reduction are fraught with formation of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. In this case disease itself may become chronic or produces complications.bacteria

How to Prevent Unpleasant Consequences when Taking Antibiotics

Antibiotic is not candy, but potent medication that can cause very serious consequences. There may be observed most common allergic reactions as well as problems with gastrointestinal tract, kidneys and liver. A frequent side effect is intestinal disbacteriosis. Less common side effects are neurological disorders. Information for patients, most of unpleasant consequences occurs not because of the fact that drug is ineffective or doctor makes something wrong, but because patient does not behave correctly.

To avoid most of side effects, follow doctor’s recommendations and instructions in antibiotics application quite clearly. If preparation causes allergic reactions there is an urgent need to withdraw and look for other means. For treatment of disbacteriosis it is often recommended to take probiotics. But in fact it is not necessary in most cases just eat normally and everything will vanish after some time.


  1. You should not sunbathe while taking tetracycline and 2 weeks after the end of the course;
  2. It is impossible to dye or curl hair during and after taking antibiotics;
  3. Tetracyclines, penicillins, and rifampin reduce effectiveness of oral contraceptives;
  4. Drugs, thinning blood, should not be taken simultaneously with penicillin and cephalosporin to avoid bleeding.

If you take appropriate antibiotic and follow all the rules, harm will be minimal after antibiotics application, and treatment will be quick and easy.

Erectile Dysfunction: Treatment and Diagnostics

Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence: Treatment

What is Erectile Dysfunction and how to Treat it?

Failures in male intimate life is called impotence. However, this statement is not entirely true. To be precise, impotence is a condition in which a man is not possible to commit a sexual act under any circumstances. Fortunately, such cases do not occur too often. And for periodically or randomly appearing erectile problems there is a single term – sexual or erectile dysfunction. Symptoms of erectile dysfunction immediately are apparent to any man, and in most of cases it is amenable to medical treatment.

Erectile dysfunction is considered to be various deviations that hinder to reach or maintain potency necessary for full sexual intercourse.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Treatment of impotence in men is hampered by their unwillingness to address in this regard to doctors. It presents a problem for doctors around the world. Besides male psyche in terms of sexual characteristics is very sensitive, and phrase “problems in sexual life,” often turns into category of “personal problems”, which are not distributed to anyone. It is wrong. After all, modern medicine has a wide arsenal of effective means for treatment of “man – related disease (potency recovery, improved erection) – among them, erectile dysfunction treatment that is successful in many cases due to medications of Canadian Health Care Mall.erectile dysfunction

Before starting symptomatic impotence treatment, you need to install and eliminate root disease’s cause.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction in men can be divided into the following types:

  • medicative impotence treatment appointed by urologist-andrologist after examination and analyzes outcomes;
  • hardware associated treatment of erectile dysfunction, such as shockwave therapy, which is effective in combination with medicative treatment
  • psychological impotence treatment which is conducted by sexologist and psychotherapist.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

There may be several kinds of reasons that cause problem – endocrine, medication, local, neurological and vascular. All of mentioned above refers to organic forms of sexual or erectile dysfunction, when it is caused by some changes or disorders in body.

More often, causes of impotence in men – are of psychological factors. In this case, normal sexual life conduct interferes with solely neuropsychiatric problems. Often, sexual dysfunction happens because of organic causes, and also due to psychological component, which, after removal of original causes of erectile dysfunction can take leading position.

Erectile dysfunction occurs in men at any age (more often: early impotence), however, in older men, risk of its occurrence is much higher. Also unfavorable factors of disease are included:

  • physical inactivity;
  • obesity;
  • smoking;
  • alcohol abuse.

Erectile dysfunction Diagnostics

The first stage of erectile dysfunction diagnostics is medical examination of sexual organs for presence of anatomical changes. Also rectal prostate gland examination is performed, if necessary.

Then, blood test (biochemical analysis, hormonal status), and study of nervous system are conducted. The doctor discovers presence of a variety of chronic diseases, and character of constantly taken drugs. Thereafter, functional studies are conducted, and additional procedures are assigned as necessary:

  • blood, urine, semen, scrape from urethra;
  • pelvic ultrasound;
  • doppler sonography;
  • biothesiometry;
  • instant test for presence of erectile or sexual dysfunction (intracavernous administration of vasoactive drugs).

As you can guess Canadian Health&Care Mall makes everything possible for customers who come across with erectile dysfunction. Order Viagra, Levitra, Cialis via our service and get pleasure again and again. There is no distinctive difference between these three mentioned above medications but we nevertheless insist on doctor’s consultations and recommendations to define exact dosage. There are cases when it is necessary to carry out dosage adjustment. Define all these aspects and command our service:

Canadian Health Care Mall about Mania as Mental Disorder

Along with depression, mania is quite widespread mental disease of the person, and its clinical symptoms are well-known and maniacal patients strongly differ from other patients. As the mental disease, mania is familiar to people since deep antiquity. Ancient Greek doctors were able to diagnose only external symptoms of madness therefore their understanding of insanity belongs just to manias as which they ranked all types of madness with loud, noisy and chaotic manifestations.

In the Middle Ages doctors considered this disease of one of hysteria subspecies as hysteroid patients also differ in noisy manifestations and draw to themselves general attention. Today psychiatrists unambiguously allocate mania in a separate mental disease. The characteristic of the word “mania” can be used as separately, designating mental illness, to be so a part of other words, designating in that case the raised inclination of the person to something. But mentality violations are always the cornerstone of any kind of such state. Control your mental health with medications of Canadian Health Care Mall for example Zoloft or Wellbutrin sr.

Synonyms to this word is passion, inclination and madness. In psychiatry mania is the mental disorder which is caused by psychomotor excitement and sometimes is even followed by a condition of nonsense or paranoia. Sometimes the mania is one of displays of schizophrenia, and obsessive compulsory disorder of mentality is often accompanied with mania of purity. In psychology mania is called painful insanity on a certain subject or the phenomenon. This unhealthy condition of mentality when the person is constantly pursued by the notions of compulsion about a subject of the inclination. Danger of this state is that having forgotten about rest, the organism wears out very quickly.


Reasons and Symptoms

What is the illness?

Both mental, and physical symptoms of mania arise owing to pronounced excitement of the brain tied with disintegration of one or several of its functions. It is characterized by either pathological cheerfulness, or melancholy with attacks of rage or wild behavior. This chronic brain disease is also usually shown by overexcitation of all feelings, and also will and thought processes. At such state usually there is a disorder of thought processes which provokes emergence of decisions nonsense.

Thus, this disease is characterized by continuous excessive excitement of the emotional and intellectual sphere. The brain continuously splashes out memoirs, impressions, and also projects outside various actions and the movements. In total wide open — here a formula of the classical maniacal patient. Alternation of mania and depression is distinctive feature of bipolar disorder (which I was called maniac-depressive psychosis earlier), but also other reasons of mania development are possible. So, mania of purity can be manifestation of pedantic accentuation or arise at the person in a condition of severe stress. Relieve stress conditions and be calm with Canadian Health Care Mall’s medications.

What Happens in Case of Mania?

Most often this state is diagnosed as a mental disease which is shown by the general excitement of mentality, and can sometimes be followed even by crazy ideas or hallucinations. There are three conditions of clinical mania: “subsharp”, or maniacal excitement, “simple” and “supersharp with acute nonsense”. The simple mania is included into group of psychoneurosises. On extent of manifestation distinguish hyper mania and hypomania: heavy and weak expressiveness of this disease respectively.

One more kind of this disease belongs to “cerebro psychosis” – it is supersharp mania (sharp maniacal nonsense). In such cases somatic displays of this illness are added to maniacal excitement that is caused by organic damage of brain. At such maniacal patients the consciousness is strongly dulled, and normal thoughts are completely replaced with nonsense. Sometimes cases of “the erased mania” meet. Such manifestations usually accompany other mental diseases. In life the usual excessive inclination to something or someone can be called manias.

Women Antibiotics at Canadian Health&Care Mall

Canadian Health&Care Mall provides its customers with a rich selection of drugs that are at truly affordable prices and the quality is guaranteed by manufacturers. All the products which you find at the care mall are shipped directly from manufacturing facilities so the risks that are associated with counterfeit drugs are eliminated. While in males the leading positions in the most highly demanded solutions mostly belong to erectile dysfunction preparations, things are different in women. Women have various problems which need to be tackled and the antibiotics Canadian Health&Care Mall are the solution to the problems of women.


Clomid is a representative of the class of antiestrogens which have the quality of blocking receptors that are located in the ovaries and the hypothalamtain and this certain drug promotes maturation of the follicles and provides ovulation stimulation. Here are certain features of the product:

  • This medication works best when a sufficient level of estrogen is observed that is unlocking its full potential at low levels of gonadotropic hormones.
  • The medication is prescribed for those suffering from anovulatory infertility, amenorrhea androgen deficiency and many more.


Estrace cream

Despite the absence of drugs capable of stopping or preventing the onset of menopause there is a number of means to help alleviate the symptoms arising in this period of life. Symptoms such as

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Discomfort during intercourse
  • Urination problems

The urination problem is eliminated with the help of creams which are such as Estrace. They are used for the delivery of small doses of estrogen in the vaginal area and demonstrate considerable effectiveness in bringing the desired relief.

There are certain other drugs which are used as an effective and relatively harmless cure of obesity.


Woman antibioticsIt is the most famous estrogen drug that regulates the work of the female reproductive system. The main active ingredient in this medicine is estrogen, which forms the female secondary sexual characteristics. Once when it is infused in the blood the medicine helps to stimulate the synthesis of proteins and DNA. After this activity there is an increase in the sensitivity of the uterus which reduces the total cholesterol level and HDL cholesterol is increased. However the normal structure of bones of the bones is retained. Menopause symptoms are reduced which are such as heart palpitations, racing pressure, immense amount of increase in sweating, mood swings, hot flashes to the upper body, nervousness, irritability, anxiety unmotivated panic, increased appetite and weight gain.

Every problem has a solution and so does the above problems. The antibiotics Canadian Health&Care Mall have served to serve its customers with the best quality products which are cheap and effective. These products are just superb and if you are able to buy once you will definitely strive to buy them again. The Canadian Health&Care Mall has those antibiotics which suit your body and your health. There is nothing which can be compared to the Canadian Health&Care Mall because it keeps customers satisfaction its first priority not the money.

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Canadian Health&Care Mall in Explanation of Hemorrhoid and Erectile Function

Such unpleasant disease can appear as a result of the wrong way of living. Sedentary and inactive work or, on the contrary, excessive physical activities, raising of weights affects. Mechanical injuries of a rectum can provoke an illness. Non-compliance with a diet, abuse of too spicy food, and also frequent locks aggravate a situation.

Physicians declare lack of direct hemorrhoids influence on erectile function. These results from the fact that the disease of rectum doesn’t concern the sexual sphere. But it is impossible to disprove indirect influence of a disease on the sexual sphere.

Prostatitis and hemorrhoids after all how hemorrhoids influence erectile function and how it is manifested? The first symptoms of disease can disturb the man not significantly. People often don’t attach its significance as it is possible to speak about absence of obvious discomfort. Therefore there are no violations of erectile function, sexual functions aren’t broken. Further development of an illness leads to formation of knots and pain in crotch.
Sexual intercourse demands from the man of tension of crotch and groin muscles, the previous ejaculation strengthens tension. Existence of disease leads to strengthening of pain as a result of active actions that is negatively reflected in erectile function.

sexual contact

Pain and the bleeding amplifying during sex from back pass lead to psychological frustration and depressive mood. Sexual intercourse doesn’t bring due satisfaction, as a result the man doesn’t want to have sex. Indirect influence of hemorrhoids on a potentiality at men consists in it. Overcome this disorder together with online pharmacy – Canadian HealthCare Mall.

Preventative Activity

To avoid problems with erectile function and other problems of the sexual sphere caused by hemorrhoids it is necessary to ask for the qualified medical care immediately.

As preventive measures, doctors advise to adhere to healthy nutrition. The preference should be given in food to a cauliflower, rice, potatoes, honey, fish and meat. At the same time to use in the minimum quantity mustard, hot pepper, bean, black bread and unripe fruits.

It is necessary to avoid formation of locks, to move more in the presence of sedentary work, to avoid excessive physical activities. And in the presence even insignificant symptoms it is impossible to postpone visits of the doctor to avoid more serious problems further. Hemorrhoids is possible to be cured with medications of Canadian HealthCare Mall. Command our service and we will be glad to relieve you from this disorder and improve your erectile function.

How to Choose Original Viagra Tablets Only

Customers can purchase a Viagra kit from anywhere online. However, few tend to realize this but the truth is that, the internet is full of illegitimate websites. Most of them look reliable but the thing is that customers are being sold counterfeit ED drugs. According to reports, out of the total 10,275 websites available online, only 275 of them have been examined for selling of legitimate drugs.

Beware! Counterfeit ED Drugs Could Be Dangerous to Your Health

Here are some of the reasons why purchasing counterfeit tablets could cause you more harm than benefit:

  • Presence of too much active ingredients (or less) that can be harmful to your health
  • Presence of binding agents (like drywell) that are difficult to breakdown inside your system
  • Presence of toxic substances like floor wax, boric acid, brick dust, road paint, etc
  • Presence of ingredients that can be dangerous when they come in contact with other medications that you might be consuming
  • A different medication that can leave behind potential side-effects

That is why it is important that you purchase ED treatment products from reputed sites only. They are licensed and more reliable when it comes to purchasing original quality ED drugs.

Apart from these, you would like to take into account these following steps when you purchase a Canadian Health Care Mall Sildenafil kit online. This goes for all websites. You might not want to take a chance. Read on –


Look for the Contact Details

  • Every website makes their contact details available online. Even the pharmacy site will have this. Look for the contact details like the pharmacy address and the phone number.
  • You will be able to check out whether the details are valid or not.
  • Cross-checking of contact details will ensure that a particular website is not selling any unregulated medication overseas.

Trace for Claims like ‘Generic’

  • That’s like your catch-phrase. You will know that the blue tablet kit that is being sold in this website is not original. If you are unaware, then here is something that you would need to know – the term ‘Generic’ has never got approved by the FDA.
  • Unfortunately, a lot of websites are using the term to lure customers and many of whom are catching the bait. But now that you know, let’s make sure that you do not fall for the trap.

Learn the Right Dosage Levels

Viagra is available in only three types of dosage levels. These are:

  • 25 mg
  • 50 mg
  • 100 mg

Another thing that you would need to note down is that, Sildenafil comes in tablet form. It is the only FDA approved form of intake. So if you come across any other form, don’t purchase it for there is no other form that has got FDA approved. Some of these counterfeit forms can be – fast dissolving, soft tab, extra-strength, etc.

Viagra Dosage

Purchase only from VIPPS Approved Sites

The term stands for Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites. Websites that have got VIPPS approved are considered as reliable sites.

Online purchase of Canadian Health Care Mall medicines makes ED treatment faster and convenient. However, take care not to fall into the wrong hands when you buy ED drugs online.

Viagra Safe for Erectile Dysfunction

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction refers to a condition in men where they have a problem in getting an erection. In simpler words, men with erectile dysfunction have it difficult to keep it long enough for sex.  It is also commonly known as impotence. While in some cases, the symptoms of erectile dysfunction can be often, for other it can be once in a while.

What causes Erectile Dysfunction?

While technical reason for erectile dysfunction is insufficient flow of blood in the penis, due to which erection is not achieved, other reasons behind it can includes lifestyle issues. It could also be caused due to an injury or disease or even as a side effect of some other drug. Medications for diseases such a high blood pressure, heart problems and depression can have side effects which may consequently lead to erectile dysfunction. But no worry now Canadian Health&Care mall is here with you

Medication for Erectile Dysfunction

When talking about erectile dysfunction, one of the first options that are tried is the oral medication. Sildenafil (commonly known as Viagra), Vardenafil (commonly called Levitra) are some of the medicines that help treat erectile dysfunction by enhancing the effects of nitric oxide, which is a compound found in our body. This is a natural chemical produced by our body which helps penis muscles to relax. This in turn, helps you to relax muscles and thereby helping in getting an erection.



Originally, Viagra was a drug which was created for relaxation of cardiac muscles. It was supposedly launched for heart patients. However, people who used this drug started reporting back with healthier erections. This effect of the drug made scientists shift their focus and it quickly changed from a heart drug to a bedroom drug. Viagra which was introduced in 1992 has, since then gained popularity worldwide and still has people increasing, coming to depend more and more on the blue pill. The gaining popularity of this drug can be easily attributed to the fact that it helps fight impotency and has had satisfying results over generations of time. At Canadian Health and Care Mall, we provide with different dosages of Viagra for different people and needs respectively. Furthermore, the dosage of Viagra should be correct lest it may lead to further side effect. For that, you can contact your doctor and take the medicine as per prescription.

Viagra as drug has many varieties such as Viagra professional, Super Force, Viagra soft tabs and many more. So, get it right beforehand as to what type of Viagra will work best for you. Viagra may have side effects and that is true but it is only if the medication is not taken as per prescription. If that is done well, then you can be rest assured that there will be no side effects.

So, Viagra is an effective oral medication when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction but it needs to be administered carefully. At the Canadian Health&Care mall, we have more information for you.

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